As per the Oxford on-line dictionary,
Definition of pootle: verb, move or travel in a leisurely manner

I was first charmed and then obsessed with the word when reading Bill Bryson’s Notes from a Small Island. Why someone would happily offer themself up to be thoroughly drenched every day on what seems to be a long walking tour of England is beyond me. But it does make for delightful reading and yields up gems like ‘pootle’. Plus, my husband, SG, stumbled across the book while pootling around in a second hand bookstore and it seems to be an autographed one (by Bill, not by SG). So yes, pootle and its the various derivates (quite a few made up) are here to stay in my life.

About my pootles involving cooking and baking – am a novice cook, hoping that if I eat healthy I can keep away from the gym forever. I don’t eat or cook with meat or fish. I do use a lot of milk, butter, and eggs. I have lived and studied in various cities of India, and am currently pootling in Bangalore.

I have awful spelling, and am quite fond of little side notes and digressions.

As the definition above suggests – I invite you on a leisurely stroll through my food blog. I believe that the joys of cooking and eating bring people together – and such happiness and laughter should be shared to make the world a better place to pootle through!


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