At the beginning… there was Apple Ricotta Cake and some Ovenderful inspiration

They say that well begun is half done. I had more than one false start to food blogging – probably my muse was pootling around bakeries and gorging herself sick on some sugary delight. Apart from general encouragement afforded by a veritable army of friends and family, there were a couple of stand outs – Curious Homecook and Ovenderful. More on the former later, this post is dedicated to Simran from Ovenderful.

Apple Ricotta Cake
Apple Ricotta Cake

Simran has been a willing teacher in my baking journey, answering all sorts of queries – from demystifying baking chocolate 1o1 to inculcating me into the golden syrup fan club. She does several things with great elan – a published poet, a full time human resources professional, a full time mom to one little adorable boy and equally endearing dog, she also moonlights as a terrace gardener. Phew, the list is exhausting! I may need to take a television break by just recounting the things she fits into 24 hours! So Simran it was who convinced me to put pen to paper and the camera to use and guest blog and that’s how it all began. Read more here for new beginnings, the pootler chef’s debut, the troubles caused by people who don’t dig chocolate (and others who go overboard with on-line shopping), and the heavenly delights of baking with apple and using cheese in baking.

The post is also timely, albeit a tad bit late. Ovenderful is hosting a bake sale for the Help & Heal Animal Trust. So folks in Bangalore, visit her page and place your orders for choc chip scones, vanilla muffins, and fudgy brownies. Hurry, last day today. Here’s your chance to tuck into something delicious, encourage home bakers, and help our animal friends.

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