Sunday Pootles and Cashew Date Cookies

Some people get served breakfast in bed. Some people are dragged out of bed and made to work out early Sunday morning, as their husband wants them to have a healthy lifestyle. Such people create a big fuss about it, and labor over putting on their socks and shoes, drag their feet, grumble and whine and altogether make a perfect nuisance of themselves. Till they find their lumbering selves rather enjoying the pootle around the lake, pausing to stretch, admire the flowers, nod to the ducks and take terrible photographs. Here’s one which captures the brisk wind, the lazy sun and the trees waving sympathetically at me.Sympathetic Trees and the Lazy SunThis walk left me little time to make something delicious (and healthy) for my nieces’ school snack-box.  So between the various chores which comprise a Sunday morning (guess who did the made- to-order omelets on return?) these cashew date cookies were a beauty to put together. Took literally fifteen minutes (including time spent hunting for the cookie cutters.)

Cashew Dates Larabars

Based on recipe from Chocolate Covered Katie’s Healthy Dessert Blog.

  • Combine 120 gm of chopped dates and 45 gms  of a unsalted cashews in a food processer
  • Add a pinch of salt and desired spices. I had some ground Sri Lankan cinnamon and cardamom at hand, which I added teensy amounts of
  • Pulse and whizz till the mix comes together, forming clumps. Mine were mimicking the pre-walk me, dragging their feet, so I added a teaspoon of water to encourage them.
  • With the faintest hint of oil on the finger tips, I formed the mix into a layer on a greased (flat) plate
  • You can cut them into squares or into shapes using a cookie cutter. Using the star shaped cutter, I cut them out and gently released them. Reshaping the mix and reforming the layer, I got about five complete stars. The remaining dough was formed into small discs (for sampling)
  • I cut cashews in half to pretty them up. Your call whether you want those extras

© 2013 the Pootler chef

Five days of snack box goodies done, I contemplated dusting some icing sugar or cocoa powder atop these. Then my shins throbbed and better sense prevailed. 

5 thoughts on “Sunday Pootles and Cashew Date Cookies”

  1. The snack box came back cleaned out neat! 🙂 What happiness and joy! I’m just going to stop saying thanks all the time…you understand it goes without saying..:)

  2. I tried this and it was super yummy!! ( even if i say so myself). Since there was no cookie cutter, and the son loves ” ladooooo”, made small balls of these. I have eaten four to son’s two, thats what i don’t like about these yummy recipes.But then, there is no added sugar, so we are good right? Keep them coming. Thanks!

    1. Dates are good for you. So I told myself. I made 5 fancy ones for the lunchboxes. The rest all went into the tummy. Super glad you liked ’em. Now I am incentivized to make more healthy stuff. Thankee!

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